Sport is coming back!

Logos of sports clubs in Reading

We concede that this is more exciting for some than others, but we can’t wait for the COVID restrictions on sport to be lifted.

Here at Templar our waistlines have increased and the dents on the sofa are truly cemented – we need to get out and do something other than a stroll down the Thames Promenade. That’s just us, our kids need to be out there as well, doing what kids do – running around a field with a ball, swinging a racket, balancing on a beam – anything!

With outdoor activities scheduled to open on the 29th March and hopefully indoor soon after on April 12, what better way* get our lives going again and join a club? (* perhaps going to the pub, restaurants, theatre, gigs, cinema, museums … but more on that later!)

Here in Reading and Caversham we are extraordinarily lucky to have a big choice open to us, from Athletics to Bowls through Rugby and Yoga – there is something that can help the most unmotivated of us have a go.

We’ve trawled the local area and pulled out a fairly large list of great local sports clubs and associations that we are sure will welcome new and old, have a look and give them a shout.


Reading Athletic Club
Palmer Park
Men / Women / Boys / Girls


North Reading Badminton Club
Highdown School
Men / Women



Reading Bowling Club
Kendrick Road
Men / Women

Caversham Bowls Club
Albert Park
Men / Women / Boys / Girls

Island Bohemian Bowling Club
Fry’s Island
Men / Women / Boys / Girls

Palmer Park Bowling Club
Palmer Park
Men / Women


Whitley Amateur Boxing Club
Callington Road
Men / Women / Boys / Girls






Bulmershe Gymnastics Club
Bulmershe School
Men / Women / Boys / Girls


Caversham Road
Men / Women


Henley Hockey Club
Men / Women / Boys / Girls

Martial Arts

South Reading Judo Club
Men / Women / Boys / Girls

Jade Dragon Kung Fu
St John’s Road
Men / Women

Caversham Karate Club – SSKA
Thameside Primary School
Men / Women

Tilehurst Shotokan Karate Club
St Mary Magdalen Church
Men / Women / Boys / Girls

The Reading Academy Wing Chun
Cow Lane
Men / Women


Reading Rowing Club
Thames PromenadeMen / Women / Boys / Girls

Thames Valley Rowing Club
The Dreadnought, Kennetside
Men / Women




Caversham Park Tennis Club
Caversham Park Rd
Men / Women / Boys / Girls

Yoga / Pilates

Berkshire Pilates Classes
Church House, Caversham
Men / Women

Finally a big shout out to Sport In Mind – a great local charity that provides fun, weekly sport and physical activity sessions to improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems. Well worth looking at and supporting if possible.

Have we missed your club? let us know and we will add it to the list.

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