Our information videos

To help us all understand more about Wills and estate planning we have put together a series of short animated videos designed to answer any initial questions and to help you think about the type of service you might require.

General guidance on Wills.

We all have lots of questions regarding Wills, these videos will help answer, including:
  • Why do I need a Will?
  • What happens if I die and don’t have one?
  • Is a basic Will suitable or do or do I need to consider more sophisticated options including trust?
  • What threats might attack my estate?
  • Will anything stop my family getting all my assets on death?

Threats to your assets on death.

We explain the 5 main threats to your estate that we can protect against.
  • Marriage after death
  • Long Term care fees
  • Generational Inheritance Tax (“IHT”)
  • Divorce of beneficiaries
  • Creditors

If you own a business.

  • Business succession planning solutions

Reason to have an LPA
not married
Will evaluation service


Utilise Trusts to preserve your wealth and assets for future generations and to minimise inheritance tax bills.

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