Our Articles in Caversham Bridge Newspaper

We are delighted to have been asked to write a series of articles on Wills and Estate Planning for Caversham Bridge Newspaper.  We hope that the community in Caversham will find them both informative and helpful in their understanding of the process of making Wills and setting up further Estate Planning.

The paper is in our view everything that a local monthly newspaper should be, written by the community for the community and we are very happy to support it in a small way.

The Caversham Bridge website has all details on how to get hold of a copy as well as a whole host of community information.

If you are not in the local area and can’t get hold of a copy please find the articles :

July 2021 issue – Will you put it off again?

August 2021 issue – Be prepared – Lasting Power of Attorney

October 2021 issue – Trust in Trusts

January 2022 issue- Estate planning is for everyone

March 2022 issue – No simple task – the executor

June 2022 issue – Changes or events in your life can impact on your Will and Estate Planning

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not married
Will evaluation service

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