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We recently evaluated a client’s Will and found an elementary mistake regarding the signing and witnessing of the Will that any Will writer, should quite frankly, be ashamed to make.

The Client had listed the family members (beneficiaries) they wanted to benefit from the Will as normal, but then had one of the beneficiaries act as a Witness and Signatory of the Will. 

This would not necessarily be cause for the Will to be declared invalid, but certainly would rule out that family member from actually being able to receive any of their inheritance.  A nasty surprise averted.

For your reference, the simple rules on witnessing your Will are:

  • You must sign your Will in the presence of two witnesses
  • Your Will must then be signed by your two witnesses, in your presence

and then:

  • Your Witnesses must both be over 18
  • They cannot be blind
  • It is better for the Witnesses to be independent of your family, such as work colleagues or neighbours – they must not be anyone you want to be a beneficiary or they will lose their inheritance under section 15 Wills Act 1837

Thankfully we rarely see such mistakes but they do happen, more regularly we come across instances where Wills need to be more robust in offering protection to allow Clients to achieve what they want for their loved ones. 

Our free Will evaluation service is available for anyone who wants to make sure that their existing Will is error-free, still covers their needs, and vitally, is valid to avoid your Will being declared intestate. It is important to regularly reassess your Will; particularly as you move through life and experience changes that can mean your Will may not do what you want it to anymore.    You can read about these changes and how they may affect your will here.

We are more than happy to evaluate your Will for free.  This is a no-obligation service and you are free to take up any recommendations or not.

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