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Your Will is an important legal document because it gives binding instruction how your assets and estate should be distributed when you die.

It is important that you understand your Will and review it after life events, such as the birth of new children, marriage and death of beneficiaries or executors.

Did you know what on marriage your Will becomes invalid/void and unless you draft a new Will you assets will be distributed according to Intestacy Laws? This means that those who you want to receive your assets may not! This can be confirmed on the Citizen’s Advice website and the British Government’s website. Having an accurate Will also means that your assets can be accessed and distributed quicker at a distressing time for your loved ones, including speeding up any application for Probate.

Templar Estate Planning offers a free Will evaluation and review service. Send us a copy of your current Will, a brief summary of what you want your Will to do and who you want to benefit. We will then carry out an evaluation to see if your wishes would be met or not.

Please either contact us for more information, or send us a copy of your current Will with instructions and we will arrange the rest.

Apologies – we have had a few problems with our contact form which are now fixed. If you have used it and not heard back from us please do give us a call or send us an email – thank you!

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