Bloodline and succession planning

Bloodline Planning is more commonly known as ‘how do I protect my children’s inheritance?’

Bloodline Planning means taking action now to ensure that after your death your assets reach your intended recipients, such as your children, grandchildren and other relatives, rather than ending up in the wrong hands including the tax man!

When assets are distributed to beneficiaries ‘absolutely’, i.e. they directly receive cash, property or other assets straight after death, so much can be lost. These assets are then wholly owned by the beneficiary and considered to be part of the beneficiary’s estate; leaving the assets at risk of attack from a number of sources including future partners, any future divorce settlements, creditors and taxation.

With the strategic use of Trusts and legal estate planning via Templar Estate Planning, you can ensure that your children and grandchildren are able to benefit from the inheritance you want them to receive with the maximum possible protection from divorce, remarriage, taxation and creditors.

Have you considered what might happen if your surviving spouse remarries? How would this affect your own children if he or she later changed their will in favour of the new spouse and any subsequent children or step children. You children could be written out of future wills and not receive your assets!

Or if you already have children from a previous relationship, how do you ensure that they would get their fair share?

If you have very young children or children that are disabled or with special needs, how can you ensure that they are adequately provided for?

You may also have business assets that you have worked hard for that you also want protected for your family and future generations.

Do you really want to take the risk and leave it all to chance, when with our professional help and guidance, to set up the correct type of planning all these problems could be avoided?

Our expertise and that of Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation will ensure that your assets are fully protected; both from attack and so they are immediately available to your loved ones after you are gone, without unnecessary delay due to probate or other reasons.

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Utilise Trusts to preserve your wealth and assets for future generations and to minimise inheritance tax bills.

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