Coronavirus Covid 19 Wills drafted via email and telephone

Unprecedented times with the Coronavirus COVID-19

We are in unprecedented times with the Coronavirus COVID-19 spreading around the world at a rapid pace. Our usual daily activities and way of life is being restricted with many now self isolating. This is likely to increase in line with the increase in infections and the threat to our heath.

coronavirus covid 19 wills by post email

Wills drafted by email or telephone unprecedented times whilst under Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic lockdown

We usually visit clients face to face to provide our free consultations when drafting wills. We usual meet face to face in Caversham, Emmer Green and the surrounding areas of Reading, Berkshire and South Oxfordshire. However, we can provide our service remotely no matter where you live in the UK. During the COVID 19 and Coronavirus threat our consultations and advice on Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney are via email and or telephone.

With or without Coronavirus, we provide a first class and flexible will writing and estate planning service in Caversham, Reading. We also provide our will writing services throughout, Berkshire and neighbouring areas. These areas include Emmer Green, Sonning Common and Henley in Oxfordshire. We won’t compromise in quality, even with COVID 19 limiting face to face contact.

Pre COVID 19 and Coronavirus, we suggest face to face meetings where we can fully discuss your needs and objectives. We would collect the necessary information and then give you some options and costs. We can do this during the COVID 19 and Coronavirus pandemic remotely via email and telephone. However, we will naturally need to verify your identification during the process; to protect all parties and ensure legal compliance.

Video guides to why make a Will, threats to your estate and Lasting Powers of Attorney

Whist at home during the COVID 19 and Coronavirus lockdown we recommend that you go to our Templar Estate Planning YouTube channel (please subscribe to the channel) and view our guidance on Wills playlist (also embedded below). The videos are series of short cartoons that total about 15 mins.

These videos also introduce five main threats to your assets that are not protected by standard wills and explain Lasting Powers of Attorney (“LPA”) documents. If you are concerned about any of these areas, we can add the necessary protection using trusts and other tools. COVID 19 and Coronavirus has massively highlighted the importance of LPAs.

We will also need to obtain from you details of your assets and liabilities as this naturally affects our recommendations. Whilst we have the COVID 19 and Coronavirus lockdown we can either email you a short excel form to complete and return or we take the required information over the ‘phone – what ever is easiest for you!

Our advice is free and we never apply any pressure. You are free to choose to implement all, some or none of our recommendations.

The BBC has published an interesting article on the need for Wills and the challenges signing and witnessing them during the Covid 19 Coronavirus outbreak in the UK.

Please get in touch for more information. Should you be sick and require an express turnaround, please advise when you contact us.

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