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Templar Estate Planning provides a comprehensive and competitively priced Will writing service in Caversham, Reading and the surrounding areas of Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Writing a Will is very important for all adults; not just those that are in relationships or with families but everyone including single people.

A Will not only gives instruction regarding the distribution of your assets when you die but also provides a number of other functions:

  • You can express how you want your body to dealt with on death, such as cremation, burial or for medical research.
  • A Will allows your estate to be dealt with quicker. If you die without making a Will it takes a lot longer because Intestacy Laws have to be followed.
  • A Will allows you to give assets to people that aren’t directly related to you, including unmarried partners. (Only direct family can inherit under Intestacy Rules).
  • A Will allows you to make donations to charity.

Our advisor and Will writer will come and visit you at a time and place of your choice. We aren’t restricted only to office hours. We can also make alternative arrangements during the Covid 19 pandemic, such as video or telephone meetings. We can also arrange socially distances meetings or with PPE.

We will ensure that you get a suitable Will that meets your needs. Not all Wills are the same and we can add wording and clauses to deal with matters such as business or agricultural assets or anticipation of marriage (a marriage normally voids a Will). We are able to also use your Will to direct assets into trusts; either creating the trusts in advance or on death, as specified by the Will.

We are not just Will writers

We offer a full range of estate planning services and call upon the expertise of legal, trust and taxation experts. Please click here for our full range of estate planning products and services.

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