Mother’s Day in Caversham

My son asked me what present he can get his Mum for Mothering Sunday, which got me thinking.

After the year we have had and all that my wife has had to put up, not least with us being at home all the time, the old ‘pick some daff’s from the garden and make a cup of tea’ routine will just not cut it.

But we are still in lockdown, most shops are shut and I just don’t want to get anything else from Amazon, so what can we do? 


So here is a short, but not exhaustive, guide on what you can get for the mum in your life that is local to our office in Caversham:


Hmm food..

Cook it yourself!

The Caversham Butchers never fail to impress, pop in midweek for no queues and the time to ask “what’s good?” and “how do I cook it?” or go online and they will deliver for free.  Note – they also sell homemade sweet things that you can use as a pudding, they are delicious!    If you need to ask, you can buy the veg from Iceland or Waitrose next door.

If you are not up for cooking yourself, go for a takeaway.  

Our go-to for special occasions is always The Moderation.  A short skip over Caversham bridge leads you to, a fantastic selection of food from South East Asia.   If I was ordering now, it would be the salt and pepper squid for starters followed by Nasi Goreng, lovely.

Currently they are offering a 15% discount if you order over the phone and pick up yourself. *

“Don’t forget Momo!” has just been shouted out across the office, “their Chilli Lamb is the best!”  Can’t argue with that.  Momo House – another Caversham staple, give them a look.

We love our lunchtime treats from Warings Bakery.  Looks like they are a great option to spoil mum on Sunday as well, with delicious looking brunches and afternoon teas all ready to be delivered.

*Did you know that services like Deliveroo and Just Eat take a massive cut in the overall cost of your food?  Better for the local economy to call up and order direct if you can.


This is a bit more tricky as, well.. the shops are shut – but some are online and offer a pick and collect service.

It’s difficult to get more Caversham than Terrys, and thankfully they seem to be ticking over with a click-and-collect service.  They have more picture frames than you can shake a stick at – perfect as a present for mum with her favourite photo or piece of art in.

You can’t go wrong with a (virtual) wiz around the Caversham Emporium to pick up a unique present – the Frida Kahlo caddy is on my list.

Does your mum like to read?  Easy as pie to get a book from Amazon.. but can you remember going into a shop and buying one!?   Have to admit to not visited yet, but there is a newish book shop, Fourbears Books, just up from the Waitrose roundabout which looks amazing. I’m sure they are more than ready to help you out and recommend the perfect book to buy.


I’ve struck out a little here! You could get one from Waitrose.. but I think you need to get creative with this yourself, or maybe see if some of the local artists like Pooja over at can help you out with her lovely art (I’m sure you could pick up a present there as well)


You can not go wrong with flowers, I’ll say that again, you can not go wrong with flowers.  Loads of flowers of all different types and colours in arrangements – available from The Caversham Florists on Prospect Street.  Can you tell I don’t know much about flowers – other than they are good for Mother’s Day..? anyway the lovely team there will put you right.

What have we missed? Please let us know your favourite places that are accessible and local to Caversham and we will add to the list.

..and finally, it would be wrong of me to say “if you haven’t got one yet, get a Will for Mother’s Day!” so I.. well actually I am going to say it.  If you have not got a Will yet, contact us to see how we can help you out!

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