Caversham Bridge Newspaper – July 2021

The following article is in the Caversham Bridge newspaper – July 2021.   We discuss the realities of making a Will and reasons to not put off doing it.  Caversham Bridge Newspaper is available to purchase from The Caversham Emporium and Fourbears Bookshop within Caversham.  More details from The Caversham Bridge Website.

Will you put it off again?

by David Robinson

THINKING ABOUT your Will and how you want your property and assets shared out after you die is something that no one really wants to do… but you know you should.  I speak with people every week about this, and one thing is clear – there is always a great sense of relief once it has been done!

It has been estimated that two thirds of people in the UK do not have a Will or any other form of estate planning in place, with the average person thinking:

  • I’ll sort it later, there is plenty of time.
  • What is the need? Everything I have will go to my spouse.
  • No need, my family will be able to agree on how to divide it all up.
  • Or.. I’m just not sure how to go about getting it all sorted.

Are you like this? If you are, I encourage you to get your affairs in order now.  To put it bluntly, you’ve spent a lifetime caring for family and loved ones, so don’t let them down when you die!

What happens If you don’t have a Will place?

Without a Will, your loved ones may have a very big job to sort out your affairs at a very difficult time in their life.  You will be declared as “Intestate” – this means that your estate will be shared out to your family under certain rules that may not accord with your wishes.   This is particularly relevant if you are not married, because the rules could mean a lifelong partner may get nothing.  In addition, the process normally takes longer, which could cause financial issues which would not happen if you had a Will. 

If you are a parent with younger children without a Will you might be surprised to learn Guardianship of children can be contentious and decided by the Courts if the worst happens. With a Will, you can clearly identify the Guardians you want. 

There are many options to get a Will these days, from budget DIY kits and basic online automated Will services, through to specialist professional Will writers and Solicitors who may give the service as part of their overall offering.  Who you go to will depend on your own circumstances, and what you feel comfortable with.  The most important thing is to ensure that you have a valid and robust Will.

My advice is to look for a company willing to take the time to talk to you without charge to ensure your needs are covered and importantly, ensure you understand the whole process. 

David Robinson is Director of Templar Estate Planning a specialist Will writing and Estate Planning provider based in the heart of Caversham within Church House.

For more information on writing a Will in Caversham have a look at our Will Writing Services here.

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