Will Clarity Statements

Will Clarity statements prove the validity of your Will and protects it from challenges.

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Inheritance disputes brought to court are a real thing and happen more often than you might think.

These can be very distressing for all involved and lead to big rifts in families, the last thing you would want for your legacy.   By drafting a Will Clarity statement you can secure your Will better should a dispute arise.  The intention of the statement is to detail the circumstances behind you drafting your Will, that you have made your decisions logically and of sound reason.

The Will Clarity statement outlines how the instructions were taken, who was present, risk assessments, mental capacity, and the reasoning behind your choices. It provides extra security and reassurance.

It has been reported that 1 in 4 people would challenge a relatives Will if they were unhappy with it.

When planning your Will it is worth thinking about your family and if you believe that any individuals may challenge your Will or could just potentially be unhappy with your decisions. This is particularly relevant if you are intending to leave gifts of different sizes, or even to not leave anything at all to individuals. 

By their nature Wills mainly just outline the what and the how and not the why of your decisions.  This can lead to relatives not understanding reasons, feeling hard done by or frustrated and therefore triggering your Will to being contested – and even possibly upheld.

This is where a Will clarity statement comes in.  It fully details your decisions with the reasons and circumstances behind them. There is no ambiguity about what you wanted.  This along with our Execution statement fully detailing the signing and witnessing of your Will make it very hard for your Will and wishes to be put aside.

With these it is far less likely to succeed should your Will be challenged. Everyone will understand your choices, even if unpopular.  Ensuring that those you want to benefit will benefit, and those you don’t won’t.

With the Templar Estate Planning Will writing service, Will Clarity and Execution statements come as standard at no extra cost.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your Will planning please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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