Will writing discount for NHS staff and key workers

Thank you NHS – 25% discount on will writing and estate planning services

Templar Estate Planning, is always grateful for the services of the NHS and its wonderful staff. Particularly so now they are having to work extra hard dealing with the impact of the covid 19 coronavirus that is attacking the UK.

Thank you NHS will writers in Reading Berkshire

25% NHS discount

As a small gesture of thanks, offer a 25% discount to all NHS staff and keyworkers. This is for all of our estate planning products and services. We will need a photo of your NHS staff pass or other suitable evidence of employment.

Why a basic or free will may not be suitable

You may be able to do a DIY will get a free will through your employer or union. However, such basic wills do not protect your assets and loved ones fully from various threats. Please visit and subscribe to our Templar Estate Planning YouTube channel. Watch the following short video that details the 5 main threats to your estate. These threats aren’t protected by basic wills that gift everything absolutely.

If you are concerned about any of the threats detailed in the video, we can protect you from these. We use more sophisticated wills and f a number of trust options to protect you.

Key worker discounts too!

In addition to the NHS staff, we also offer a discount to other key workers. Key workers are helping to keep Britain running during this testing time of the covid 19 coronavirus.

Who are key workers in the UK? The Telegraph details some here whilst the full list of UK key workers is on this government website. Unsure if you qualify as a key worker and would like a discount? Please get in touch and contact Templar Estate Planning.

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